Hi everyone,

I am posting some pictures from my trip to Madrid, at the Temple of Debod.  Some history check: Temple of Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple which was taken apart and donated to Spain in 1968 by Egyptian state as a symbol of gratitude.  The Temple of Debod is situated around water which especially at night time with its reflection look magical.

Ok, let’s focus on the outfit…I’ve paired white culottes trousers with long sleeve, colourful cropped top.  I like this combination as it gives me a fresh and bright overall look.  The vintage jean jacket I am wearing is perfect for the cooler days and it gives the outfit more casual look.

I hope you will enjoy the pics. :))  (by the way I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures but they were taken on the phone…)

P.S. When you’re visiting Temple of Debod, do not forget to got to Faro de Moncloa where you can see the city views from.


Basia  x



Top Shop trousers,  Asos top,  Converse shoes,  Maui and Sons sunglasses,   vintage jacket and rings bought on street market in Madrid.

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