Hi everyone,

So I am finally back from my 1 month Spanish trip, however I still have few more pictures to share with you from Spain. Photos from this post were taken in Madrid during my visit to the Royal Palace. The Palace contains -only- 3,418 rooms : )) and is known of its interior full of art and decoration of the rooms.

The day of the visit was a bit breezy, so I’ve decided to put on a waistcoat to keep me warm. I’ve paired it with maroon pencil skirt for a bit of contrast.

P.S. As a keen photographer I have also added some artistic photos taken by me. (number:4,5,8,13,14)

Enjoy the post and your evening.


Basia ximg_7500img_7469img_7533img_7678img_7690img_7593img_7800img_7680img_7456img_7435img_7581img_7673img_7681untitled-1img_7484

Converse shoes,  Zara top and skirt,  H&M jacket,  Next waistcoat,  Maui and Sons sunglasses.

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