Hi everyone,

So I went to Hide Park, London, last week. At first I wasn’t planning to post this trip on the blog (maybe one or two pictures on instagram page) but ultimately it was such a fun day, and I have taken so many pictures so I thought I’ll share that with all of you on the blog.

I rented a pedal boat and has so much fun on it that I’d say if you have a day off and looking for active things to do, this is one you must try. It’s open until 31st October so hurry up :))

About the outfit…I’ve matched one of my favourite pencil skirts with low platform shoes (similar to the ones from Stella McCartney collection, but this is a cheaper version form Zara) if you haven’t got a pair you must get one-they’re stylish and popular right now :)) . To complete the look and for a bit of contrast I’ve wrapped myself in a floral scarf (no name-I’ve got it from my granny 🙂 ) and put on a mini red bag.

Enjoy the post and have a Good Weekend.

Basia. x




Zara shoes and skirt,  Aspinal of London bag,  Valentino sunglasses,  Top Shop shirt,  H&M jacket and necklace,  watch bought in Italy-no name.

17 thoughts on “ Hyde Park ”

    1. Yes, as many of the others in my wardrobe.. Some I just took from her (but she knows about it 😛 )
      It’s worth looking around-we can always find some golden pieces in granny’s wardrobe :))


  1. I like the combination of your casual leather jacket and a more formal smart check skirt, the ensemble works very well. Just by happenstance I too was in Hyde Park recently judging at the https://www.worldsteakchallenge.com/ which took place at the Lookout (which might make a good backdrop for your next shoot in Hyde Park). This was my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed it very much 🙂


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