Hi everyone,

First of all I have to apologise for not posting anything for a week but during the weekend  I had two birthday celebrations 😀 and had no time to even start the computer.  I was planning to post this outfit idea yesterday but I felt so unwell, I am hoping I am not catching flu as I do not have time for that right now 😛  (and for those who might think I wasn’t feeling well yesterday because I had too many drinks during the weekend-I have to say I wasn’t drinking so that’s not the case :P:D ) Anyway, wish me to get better soon as exams are coming next week and end of the month I am going for holiday ( cannot reveal yet where I am going but you’ll find out soon … )

About the pictures…So as you can see I have  taken them when I still had long hair, it’s one of those posts (there is only 2 ;)) ) which I haven’t had the chance to upload before but I took the pics beginning of this year.

The outfit is simple but yet so elegant. I wanted the skirt to get all the attention so I’ve kept the rest quite minimalistic- only black shoes with black dotty top and gold accessorises.  And I think I’ve achieved that as I’ve received few positive comments about the look during the shoot :)) . The outfit is perfect for weddings or any similar occasion and goes well with a black leather jacket for a more rock ‘n’ roll look.

Enjoy the post.

Basia x




Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt,  Miss Selfridge top,  Lucy Choi shoes,  Beth Jordan double-side clutch bag,  Valentino sunglasses,  River Island earnings,  bracelet-no name-bought on street market in London.

52 thoughts on “ Pleated skirt ”

    1. Thank you. Yes my weekend was good- Saturday my friends came over for dinner-so that was fun, and rest of the weekend I’ve spent studying for tomorrow’s exam… I hope yours was good too.:))
      By the way I have a new post coming up today, I hope you’ll like it too :)) xx


      1. Sounds great. Good luck on your exam. I had a wonderful weekend my husband and I went to a little birthday celebration it was a good time. Looking forward to it. 😗

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