Hi everyone,

I’d like to say thank you for all your messages with wishes to get better.  Your wishes made my day :)) I do feel much better now, luckily 🙂

So how was your weekend guys? I hope you enjoyed the sunny Sunday we had in London. My weekend was good. I had my friends over for dinner on Saturday and Sunday I had to study for my exam which is coming tomorrow :(( Fingers crossed it’ll go well.

Moving on, the outfit I am showing you today is super comfy due to the fact the dress and the jacket are oversized.  I’ve matched red with a navy dark blue.  The colour combination looks good together.  I’ve kept the bag and shoes black and the jewellery silver.  And to complete the look I’ve put on a white t-shirt underneath the dress.  By doing so I gave the whole look an accent contrast and a balance of colours.

Enjoy the post and have a Good Monday :))

Basia  x


Zara dress,  Miss Selfridge jacket,  Stradivarius t-shirt,  Nine West bag,  River Island shoes and earrings,  Valentino sunglasses,  Giles and Brother bracelet,  Warehouse rings,  Accessorize chocker and necklaces.

21 thoughts on “ Red dress. ”

    1. Thank you for your feedback. T-shirt might not be necessary with dress like that but I wanted to break the colours a little- there was too much red for me :))

      Stay in touch for more. New post’s coming tonight. x


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