¡ Hola chicos !

So those who follow me on my personal instagram know that I was traveling in Spain during September.  Today I’ve decided to bring a little sunshine to UK and post some pics of my outfit from sunny Sevilla.  I remember the day like it was yesterday- it was so hot -above 35C-way too hot for me 😛 . Sevilla is very beautiful -definitely one  of the cities which I’ll visit again- and there is so much to do and see, but I’ll tell you more about it in upcoming travel posts, I’m still working on it. :))

So the outfit I was wearing was perfect for the hot weather -bright, light and breathable.  We were walking a lot around the city so I went for a more casual/sporty look -trainers with a skirt- and to add bit of feminine feel to it I’ve put on a rosy, oversized top. Actually the top wasn’t suppose to be oversized, but they didn’t have my size and I liked it so much, I’ve bought it and wore it off-the shoulder to give it an oversized feel. 😉

Enjoy the post.

Basia x


Converse shoes,  Zara skirt,  Stradivarius Sunglasses,  Biba bracelet,  Pull and Bear tote bag,  top-no name, brought in local boutique in Spain.

24 thoughts on “ Throwback to Sevilla… ”

  1. I love spain..not coZ i have been dere just coz “famous football club- real madrid” thats my favourite. .haha

    Your trip was worth it..i knw !!

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    1. Where in Spain have you been ? I’ve been in few places (will post more about the travel very soon) and next would like to visit Salamanca and Tenerife- my sister’s been there and she loved it.
      Have you visited the real madrid football club ? I


        1. Ahh ok, I’ve understood you have visited. Anyway, India for sure i want to visit -that’s actually the trip I am planning for next year most probably. :))
          But India is such a beautiful and big country so it won’t be just one visit…

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        2. Seriously. .i haven’t visited spain !!

          Yup ..india is damn big country and for sure it wont be covered by single trip, plan trips then 😂😂😂😂

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  2. I like your blog. It seems to me as though it’s part fashion, and part travelogue. Terrific! It’s awesome. By the way, image #8 is very humorous. Thank you for sharing this. bon chance

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