Hi everyone,

How are you?  How was your weekend?  I hope your weekend was good and relaxing and you’re ready to start new week tomorrow :)) My weekend was alright, did some shopping and preparation for my holiday (haven’t packed yet though-will do that tomorrow-as always at the last minute 😛 ). Keep in touch on Tuesday I’ll tell you where I am off to…

Anyway going back to the post 🙂 … Today I am showing you a casual look with one of my favourite jumpers.  I’ve bought it on Asos some time ago (but it is still available so get your hands on it – http://www.asos.com/search/champion?q=champion ), and can’t stop wearing it.  It goes very well with pair of jeans -and that’s how I am usually wearing it- however for this post I wanted to get a different look so I’ve matched the jumper with leather black skirt.  I hope you’ll like the look :))

Enjoy the post and your evening.

Basia. x



Asos jumper,  Y.A.S skirt,  Tommy Hilfiger bag,  Converse shoes,  McQ by Alexander McQueen bracelet,  River Island rings and earrings.

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