Hi everyone,

So finally I can reveal where I am off to. I couldn’t say it before as it is a birthday surprise for my partner. He just found out today, on the airport itself that we are going to Dubai :))ย img_5347img_5354fullsizerender

Honey Lemon Chai will not be posting new posts until first week of December.

To stay up to date ย with Honey Lemon Chai and to follow my daily posts of the Dubai trip follow me on instagram -> _basia


Basia. x


34 thoughts on “ Dubai ”

    1. Wow you will be busy during the summer – thats good :)) Yes, I’ve been. Really loved it. Athens is amazing, definitely do the historical tour. I want to visit Santorini too so recommendations are welcome after your visit :)).


      1. Hello honeylemonchai…. I am happy you are on your way to Dubai. I can’t wait to see the pics you post. I will be heading there in July of 2017 for 6 days, then on to Greece for 7 days. I planned a group trip. Maybe you’ll be ready to return by then? ๐Ÿ™‚ Safe Travels!

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        1. Deadline is May of next year. Santorini is definitely one of the places we will be touring with a 2 night hotel stay there.

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