Hi everyone,

How have you been for the last couple of weeks?  As you know from my previous post I was on vacation in Dubai.  < I just got back about a week ago, sorry for the delay with the post but I’ve managed to catch flu as soon as I landed in UK, but I am fine now :)) >  It was my first time visiting UAE and I loved it, there is so much to do and see, can’t wait to go back and do rest of the things I haven’t managed to do… There will be posts coming up beginning of January about my trip so stay in touch to see all the details :))

Today I am posting an idea of a classic look.  Long black skirt with … well instead of a white shirt, I matched it with a black, flowery top.  I really like how it looks together,  I have also put on a double colour scarf, but instead of wrapping it around my neck I just threw it on my shoulder.  To finish the look I decided to go for a metallic shoes.  I hope you will like the look.

Enjoy the post.

Basia x



Massimo Dutti skirt,  Warehouse top,  Mulberry bag,  Joy the store scarf,  Dorothy Perkins shoes,  Giles and Brother bracelet,  Bizuteria Yes earrings,  River Island rings.

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