Hi everyone,

No, I am not in San Fran. at the moment – wish I was :)) – but it was last year around this time of the year I’ve spent 2 weeks there.  I just thought I will share some pics of my outfits from that trip, even though it was last year I would still easily wear them.  Most of my trip I’ve decided to focus on classic, easy to wear and comfy outfits and those never go out of fashion.  More about my travel will come in the new year but for now have a look on the outfit and hopefully you will like it :))

What are your plans for this Sunday? I was planning to do xmas shopping but I’ve postponed it till Tuesday as I am off to Winter Wonderland today.  I live in UK for more than 6 years already and it is going to be my first time in Winder Wonderland.  I am excited to finally see it.  Follow my instagram for more stories. -> _basia https://www.instagram.com/_basia/

Have a good Sunday everyone.

Basia x



10 thoughts on “ Sunny California ”

    1. Yes it is very pretty over there. It was on my travel list for some time and I am so happy I finally got to see it. Stay in touch there will be travel posts coming up so it might be useful for you future trip :))
      Have a nice day.
      Basia x

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