Hi everyone,

How are you?  How is your Xmas preparation going??  I am hoping you are all ready and you can feel the festive atmosphere :)) Today I am posting an outfit idea for Christmas.  I have done this photoshoot in my home in UK, I am sorry the Xmas tree is missing but I was about to put it up after all my exams for this term finished, however when I got to that point I’ve decided to go and spend the Xmas with my family in Poland.  I hope you will like the outfit I’ve chosen for you,  I’ve decided to match pieces that almost every woman has in her wardrobe.  A sleeveless black dress and underneath I’ve worn a white shirt. The whole look is kind of elegant and smart yet very comfy and simple – perfect for the family get together time :))

Well this is a last post on my blog for this year, I will see you back in the new year 2017 :))  You can keep up to date with me on my personal instagram -> basia ->


I want to wish you all a MERRY AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS full of love and peace, and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots of success and your dreams come true .!!

Basia  xoxoxo


H&M dress and shirt,  Zara shoes,  Top Shop rings,  earrings bought in vintage shop.

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