Hi everyone :)),

Feels good to be back here.  I’ve had a long break for Xmas & New Year, felt actually like it was too long, I don’t know if it is just me or if everyone finds it difficult to get back to uni/work after a long break… Well finally I am back with a new post, a new outfit idea and lots of positive energy for this year :))

Today’s outfit is all about green and orange.  I found this chunky, bright scarf in TkMaxx and immediately had an idea how I am going to style it.  Orange goes very well with green so I’ve put on a green shirt and dark olive heels.  To keep this look casual I’ve decided to wear jeans however if you’d like to make the outfit formal for work, instead of jeans just wear brown pencil skirt.

Enjoy the post and have a good Wednesday.

Basia x




Tif&Tiffy scarf (bought in TkMaxx),  Glamorous shirt,  River Island jeans,  Oscar de la Renta shoes,  Betty Jackson bag,  Steve Madden sunglasses,  Top Shop necklaces (one worn as a bracelet),  H&M belt and rings.

12 thoughts on “ Single shoulder scarf. ”

  1. Dude!! Where do you get your shoes?!
    Love the jeans too! I also quite like the scarf too but have to ask… is it not a bit annoying just hanging on the one shoulder?
    Nice mix of colours too!


    1. Thank you :))
      To be honest, at fist when I got the idea of putting the scarf on one shoulder I thought the same, that it’s going to be annoying, but it’s actually not. I’ve worn scarfs on only one shoulder few times now and I would recommend anyone to try it. Also if you have worries the scarf might slide down, you can prevent it from happening by belting it.
      These shoes are Oscar de la Renta’s but I got them from vintage shop.
      Have a nice day.
      Basia x

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