Hi everyone,

I am hoping you are having a good weekend so far 🙂  Today I am posting an outfit idea with my new favourite winter coat/sweater.  I got it from a vintage shop some time ago and I cannot get enough of it.  It’s super warm and unique.  Unique! that’s why I love shopping vintage…there is little chance someone can have the same piece as you do and there is so much fun styling vintage pieces.  I like the length of the sweater, and I thought it will go really well with over the knee boots.  I wanted to keep this look classic and simplistic so I’ve paired it with t-shirt and jeans.

Hope you will like the post.  Have a FUN Saturday guys .!!

Basia x


Guess boots,  Aldo bag,  Stradivarius jeans,  BLTEE Brian Lichtenberg t-shirt,  Steve Madden sunglasses,  River Island rings,  Nina B (from John Lewis) earrings,  sweater-vintage.

24 thoughts on “ Vintage sweater ”

        1. Well, starting a blog isn’t that difficult but what can be challenging is to maintain it/run it. However if you’re passionate you will easily overcome any challenges.

          Well, I’d say def stay true to who you are and show what you like so that will make it easier to run the blog.
          Also keep some time out for the blog, sometimes it can be a little time consuming.

          Good luck with your blog. I’ll for sure check it out.
          Basia. xx

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    1. Yes of course, most important is to be dedicated, blogging actually takes quite a bit of time so you really need to stay focused.
      Also show your true self, your ideas and your sense of style.

      Wish you best of luck with your blog . 👌😉😉

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