Green Valentine’s day ;)

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for the day of love ? :))  If you’re still struggling with what to buy for your partner, check out my previous post with gift ideas for valentine’s day.  Also if you’re single, this is a perfect excuse to treat yourself :))

Today I decided to post outfit idea for Valentine’s day – obviously .  It is not the usual red, black or pink dress outfit, I have gone for something different with a more casual yet classy look.  I’ve matched midi green skirt with a bomber jacket.  And it is the jacket which gives the outfit a casual feel.  To keep the look more on the classy side I’ve put on black heels and glittery socks.

Have a lovely Monday guys and leave some feedback on the outfit :))

Basia. x



Top Shop skirt and jacket,  Next bag,  Lucy Choi London shoes,  Asos socks,  H&M top and necklace,  Nina B (from John Lewis) earrings,   ring-vintage,  watch-no name.

11 thoughts on “Green Valentine’s day ;)

    1. Thank you for your nice feedback :))
      Well, I think in fashion it’ s all about spending some time experimenting.
      At first I wanted to match the skirt with a long trench coat but I thought to myself this looks way too safe. So I’ve tried couple of other jackets and the dark olive one happened to be the best option :))

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        1. Thank you, so nice to hear that :))
          Well, I love fashion, and I love playing with it. And as long I feel comfortable and confident in my outfits I don’t care if I “fit in” or not :))
          I think it’s good to follow the trends but also always stay true to your own style.!

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