Hi everyone,

Are you ready for the day of love ? :))  If you’re still struggling with what to buy for your partner, check out my previous post with gift ideas for valentine’s day.  Also if you’re single, this is a perfect excuse to treat yourself :))

Today I decided to post outfit idea for Valentine’s day – obviously .  It is not the usual red, black or pink dress outfit, I have gone for something different with a more casual yet classy look.  I’ve matched midi green skirt with a bomber jacket.  And it is the jacket which gives the outfit a casual feel.  To keep the look more on the classy side I’ve put on black heels and glittery socks.

Have a lovely Monday guys and leave some feedback on the outfit :))

Basia. x



Top Shop skirt and jacket,  Next bag,  Lucy Choi London shoes,  Asos socks,  H&M top and necklace,  Nina B (from John Lewis) earrings,   ring-vintage,  watch-no name.

11 thoughts on “ Green Valentine’s day ;) ”

  1. Beautiful! Every single part of this outfit is lovely on its own, and together it works so well! How did you come up with the combination?? It’s so unusual yet it goes! x


    1. Thank you for your nice feedback :))
      Well, I think in fashion it’ s all about spending some time experimenting.
      At first I wanted to match the skirt with a long trench coat but I thought to myself this looks way too safe. So I’ve tried couple of other jackets and the dark olive one happened to be the best option :))

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      1. Haha, I love it! It’s great that you can be so daring when others put away the less than mainstream clothes to try and ‘fit in’ with the norm. You’re such a fashionista!

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        1. Thank you, so nice to hear that :))
          Well, I love fashion, and I love playing with it. And as long I feel comfortable and confident in my outfits I don’t care if I “fit in” or not :))
          I think it’s good to follow the trends but also always stay true to your own style.!

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