Hi everyone,

Today I am posting for you a cute and girly outfit.  I’ve recently bought the pink jumper with empty shoulders from Miss Selfridge and most of the time I was styling it with pair of trousers.  Well, this time I wanted to try it with a short skirt and since it is still a bit chilly outside I’ve put on a furry waistcoat. I didn’t want to match it with a jacket as I wanted the empty shoulders to be visible.  To keep myself warm I went for over-the-knee-boots and I think with this whole outfit they look much better than ankle boots, so if you still don’t have over the knee boots – invest in one, preferably in a black or grey colour as they never get out of fashion….

Leave a feedback and have a nice evening guys . ;))

Basia. xx


Guess boots,   Next bag,   Miss Selfridge jumper,   H&M waistcoat,   River Island skirt and necklaces,   Nina B  (from John Lewis) earrings,  gloves-vintage.

8 thoughts on “ Pink White Black ”

  1. I like your over-the-knee-boots with short skirt! It looks elongate your legs. My wardrobe has few essentials: skirts, blouses in various hues, dark jeans and some well-fitting trousers. I guess I need a new list! The over-the-knee-boots!

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    1. Yes you do :)) it’s good you’ve got the essentials in your wardrobe but over-the-knee-boots are one of the essentials. They go well with skirt or jeans and I bought my first pair 3 years ago and every year during the a/w season I see them in every fashion magazine. They are timeless….
      Thanks for your feedback, stay in touch for more posts :)) xx


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