Hi guys,

I hope you had a nice and easy Monday :))  I know how difficult it can be to start the week again after a weekend, especially when the weather is warm and sunny like it was today…

Some time ago I received few messages asking how to style an office look and to avoid the simple black and white combination.   Today I’ve decided to answer those messages and show how easily this can be done.  Well, first of all, go for colours which will definitely match together,  I’ve chosen red and blue as the main colours.  To keep the look smart I’ve matched it with a white top and black accessories.  I also kept the jewellery simple, pearl earrings and necklace with a blue details on it.  And because the weather can be still on the chilly side I have thrown on a scarf with the similar colours as the outfit.

Ler me know what you think of this look…

Lots of love,

Basia. xx


Zara trousers and top,   Top Shop jacket,   Lucy Choi London shoes,   Marks and Spencer clutch bag,   Cristina Chiti scarf,   Mohito belt,   Steve Madden sunglasses,   River Island earrings,   necklace-vintage.

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