Hi guys,

Today I am posting an outfit which I bought in Top Shop.  Well, I am lately obsessed with Top Shop and if I could I would buy all their collections :)) I love how Top Shop is always up to date with trends but with a price tag much lower than high end designers. The stores are stocking everything from casual basics to formal pieces.  The collections are always fun, stylish, trendy and exciting. The quality of clothes and accessories are always high standards which is also a plus:)) And also what is important to me, Top Shop is very easily reachable, their stores are pretty much in every town, city and the online website is well organised.  I mean what is there not to like?

So again I went for the combination of blue and red…and I think I can say that lately I am also obsessed with these colours 🙂 😛 but spring is here so why not.??  I like the contrast of the clear cut of top’s sleeves and bell bottom leg trousers.  I’ve matched the look with a faux fur bag which I bought in a second hand shop.

Let me know what you think of this look.

Lots of love,

Basia xx



Top Shop shirt, trousers, shoes, jewellery,   Alexander McQueen sunglasses,   bag-no name.

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