Hello my dear friends,

I hope you all had a fun bank holiday weekend.  Mine was quiet but good, spent it with my friends :))

In today’s post I want to talk about how to successfully style tailored outfits for spring.  Well, the word tailored makes us imagine black and white outfit/suit usually worn for formal meeting.  But what if we want to wear tailored clothes as every day outfit? Follow  my tips to transfer your very formal looking outfit into fun, fresh, sophisticated but still smart looking outfit.

  • GO FOR COLOURS AND PRINTS.  Avoid the black and white combination. Try colourful trousers with printed shirt.  Or the other way round.  Whatever colours and prints suit you best…just play with it.
  • WEAR OPEN SANDALS.  Choosing pointy pumps will definitely make your outfit formal. For a fun, every day look choose stripy sandals.  Go for heels, they will make your legs look longer and in my opinion they do look better with tailored clothes rather than flats.
  • CHUNKY ACCESSORIES.  We all know that tailored outfits look very good with fine/delicate jewellery.  But this spring try chunky bracelet or large earrings or big sunglasses.  Other option is that you can mix and match like I did.  I kept the necklace and earrings delicate but went for big bracelet and sunglasses.
  • GO FOR A TOP WITH DIFFERENT CUT.  The cut of neckline can make a big difference in any outfit. Choose a top with an unusual neckline cut or with open back…or both, even better :)) I found this cool top in Top Shop and I just couldn’t say no to it. I love its cut, print and wide sleeves.   (If you like it you can get it here)
  • BRIGHT LIPSTICK.  To make your tailored outfit even more perfect for the spring do not forget about the make up. Especially colours! I went for a colourful lipstick as I do like rest of my make up to be always natural, but you can go for colourful eyeshadow as well.


That’s some of my top tips for making you tailored outfit look fun this spring.  Let me know what you think of my outfit and enjoy your evening.

Lots of love,

Basia xx


Top Shop top, trousers, bag, necklace,   Zara shoes,   Alexander McQueen sunglasses,   H&M bracelet.

13 thoughts on “ Spring tailoring ”

  1. Black&white- that is me! I love that top.. getting some ideas for a wardrobe overhaul.. if I want to wear a blazer- match it to the shoes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment hun.
      This black and white top is so unique and pretty I think it looks better on its own without a blazer 😉
      I am glad you could get some ideas from my blog/post :)) Basia, x

      Liked by 1 person

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