Hi Guys,

I am posting a flowery outfit today.  As you might know plenty of colours and flowers are  THE THING for pretty much every spring.  But well, not everyone can be a big fan of bright colours.  So what do we do?  Black trousers with a print of massive flowers can be the answer.  Like these ones from River Island.  As soon as I saw them I had to have them… I love the print, the length and the ends with tassels.  (You can get them here). I didn’t feel like going for bright colours, so I’ve matched the trousers with a white top, navy blue platforms and dark purple bag.  I hope you will like it 🙂

Leave a comment guys and enjoy your Tuesday .

Lots of love,

Basia xxx



River Island trousers, top, necklaces,   Lanvin shoes,   Mulberry bag,   Valentino Sunglasses,   Top Shop rings.

19 thoughts on “ Flowers ”

  1. Hi! I just went through your blog and I’m liking it. I have a white fabric with lovely floral prints all over. Can you give me some ideas like an interesting dress or skirt? Btw, the blog name sounds nice and chatty.


    1. Thank you for such nice comment :)) I am glad you like my blog.
      Well, it all depends mostly of the size of the flowers and the colour. If the flower pint is small I’d go for a maxi (romantic) dress-google “maxi floral dresses” and you will get plenty of ideas.
      If the print is massive I’d go for a midi skirt.
      I hope that helps 🙂 Are you making the dress/skirt yourself? xx


      1. The flowers are red and they are nether tiny nor massive. I was also thinking more along the lines of a maxi skirt or a feminine dress, just can’t make up my mind, hehe. Nah, I would probably make a gigantic mistake if I attempted to make it myself !! Stitching isn’t one of my skills, though I wish it would be. Do you design and stitch your own clothes?


        1. No i can’t do it :(( but my granny and mum can, just wish they were not so busy with their lives so I could drop my designs to them and ask to make me things :))
          Good luck with your skirt/dress idea. Once made send me a picture on my email (basia@honeylemonchai.com) I’d love to see it . 😊♥️


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