Hi guys,

How have you been?  I am good, I was just busy studying for my exam which I had yesterday and still have to finish assignment for Friday….  Today I am posting not only simple, good spring/summer outfit but also an outfit with a powerful message…!

Political fashion t-shirts are pretty much in every store this season, and it all started back in September 2016 with Dior’s collection.  Among the all pretty, romantic dresses on the runway, there was one piece that made the whole fashion world talk about.  A t-shirt reading: ” We Should All Be Feminist ” .  Maria Grazia Chiuri, new and first female creative director of Dior maison, got the inspiration for the t-shirt from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s essay of the same name.  The t-shirt become so popular that almost every celeb is wearing it.  And I am not surprised that many of us want to wear it too….however there is one catch, the t-shirt retails at $710.  But luckily for us many of the high street shops got inspired by Dior’s famous t-shirt and came up with their own version.  Some of which you can find at Top Shop (here, or here)

Have a good day everyone and let me know what you think of this look.

Lots of love,  Basia xx


Top Shop skirtt-shirtbagrings,   Nike shoes,   Alexander McQueen sunglasses.

15 thoughts on “ Feminist ”

    1. That was my intention ☺️ Beavo for spotting it out 😉😉
      I didn’t want to play it safe with jeans or denim skirt, so I picked the edgy, shiny, vinyl skirt :))
      Under the photos there are direct links to almost everything I am wearing if you are interested 😉
      Love , Basia 💋💋

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