Are you sick of fighting with your dry and sensitive skin?  Well, me too, that’s why when I heard of The Body Shop’s new body care range that’s been made for dry and sensitive skin I thought I have to buy it and see how good it is.

So I’ve been using The Body Shop’s products for years now and I am the biggest fan of all of their body butter…but as my skin is sensitive and tends to be dry, especially during autumn/winter seasons, I got excited when I heard the brand finally made something ideal for my skin type.

The Almond Oil and Honey collection combines restoring ingredients with nourishing textures and a subtle hypoallergenic fragrance.  ( I am in love with the scent, it smells so sweet and yummy 🙂 ) The main ingredients are almond oil from Spain and honey from Ethiopia.  The Almond Milk & Honey formula is also dermatologically tested.

The collection contains seven items: (click on the links to be directed to the actual website) cleansing bar £4.00; shower cream £2.00; bath milk £12.00; cream scrub £15.00; hand cream £4.00; body lotion £8.50; and body butter £15.00; and now I will give you my personal review on some of them.


Body Lotion and Body Butter 


We all know the difference between body butter which is thick in texture and body lotion which is more lightweight.  I personally prefer the butter as I like the texture and unlike any other body butters I have ever used before the one from Body Shop absorbs quickly to skin, blends easily and doesn’t leave greasy feel afterwards.  The lotion is exactly the same, it just depends on your own preference of the texture of the cream.

Both the butter and the lotion claim to give 48 hours of intense moisture but I use it daily so I cannot leave a comment on that.  However on personal experience, both products do give intense moisture for 24h for sure 🙂 Both, butter and lotion help to calm tight, itchy and dry skin.

Cream Scrub and Bath Milk


So I am in love with the bath milk, it gently cleanses and reduces the sensation of tight skin.  I love its soft formula and the scent which lasts even after rinsing the bath milk off.

The scrub…honestly not for me! It contains tiny almond shell pieces and the base is very creamy which is super gentle to the skin. Exfoliation is the hardest part of having sensitised skin, that is why I personally prefer scrubs with larger-gritty granules.  I understand when it comes to scrubs, we have to be careful as it can actually do more damage than good to our skin.  So like me, if you are looking for a scrub which will not be very, gentle with your skin then this product isn’t for you.


Overall I am VERY happy and satisfied with this body care range. The only thing I did not like was the scrub but other than that I couldn’t find any negative in these products, it just gives benefits after benefits….I highly recommend everyone with sensitive and dry skin to try these products out. Trust me, you won’t regret it and warning: YOU WILL GET ADDICTED 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll see  you on Monday with a new outfit idea 🙂

Lots of love,

Basia, xxx


10 thoughts on “ Almond milk & Honey skincare ”

    1. Well the scent for me isn’t very strong, it’s like any other products from body shop, but sweet for sure.
      I’d recommend you to try the lotion first as I think the body butters can have stronger scent. xx

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