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Hi guys,

So as you know, I’ve always said details are very important in every outfit.  You can enhance your looks with earrings, bracelets, rings, belts…etc but the most important thing of all is a watch.  I love watches which are timeless and which I can wear with any outfit.  The Saint London XVI company provides watches like this.  There are different styles and colours you can choose from their collection.  Also there are different straps available. From a leather strap to a stainless steel mesh strap.  Both men and women can find something for themselves from The Saint London XVI .!!

I’ve chosen Mayfair Silver watch (click: here) because I love the silver colour of it and I am supper obsessed with the mesh strap.   I can wear it with either skirts, romantic dresses or jeans and t-shirt.   Well,  you can get one for yourself too with  20% OFF ! Just use CODE -> BASIA at the checkout.

Check out my outfit with my new watch and let me know what you think of it :))  Ohh, I forgot to mention the watches are  5ATM  Water  Resistant and are shipped for FREE WORLDWIDE 🙂

Sending my love,

Basia xx




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