Hi guys,

Today’s post is all about shoes…actually about accessories for shoes.

Don’t you ever get tired and bored of your simple pumps or how ordinary your trainers look?  Well you not the only one, and even though every woman is “allowed” to have as many pair of shoes as she wish 😛 sometimes that is just not practical.  Shoes can be either too expensive, we might not have the space to store 100 pairs 😉 😉 or fancy pairs might be out of fashion the next season.  The solution is only one….SHOE CLIPS!


I’ve recently found amazing pom poms from ALDO and I am very happy how they transform my ordinary looking shoes into fancy, fun pairs.  And what I am even more happy about…they cost only £10.!!  Have a look at my suggestions how you can use the little pom poms and get yourself a pair of shoe clips. It is definitely a MUST HAVE… 🙂

I went for the grey colour but you can also find the pom poms in black, light pink or white, just click on the lick here to get one ->>>   ALDO pom poms



Sending my love,

Basia xxx

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