Hello everyone,

So today’s post is pretty much all  g r e e n…  I don’t know about you but sometimes  I find this colour difficult to style, depending on the shade of green or if it’s an accessory or piece of clothing.  This time I decided to style a green gingham skirt.  I really love it, firstly because of the ruffled front, asymmetric trim and contrasting gingham print.  At first I wanted to wear it with a white shirt, yes it would match no doubt about that, but I found the combination a bit boring…so I went for a green t-shirt.  Then I thought why not go full  g r e e n ?  So I accessorised the look with dark green bag, and gold jewellery with green stones on it.  To balance out the outfit I’ve put on a white, platform shoes.

Let me know what you think about the look…

Lots of  Love ❤️

Basia xx



  • Zara skirt , t-shirt (similar hereherehere)
  • Michael Kors shoes
  • Tory Burch (similar herehere)
  • Steve Madden sunglasses
  • H&M ring
  • earrings – vintage

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