Hi everyone,

Those who follow me on my Instagram know that lately I have been obsessed with bright colours…why not.? Autumn…it doesn’t mean we can only wear black, grey and dark colours…we can brighten our days with clothes we wear…and today I decided to go full on and do colour blocking.  That means wearing a full outfit, full of colours 🙂 I went for red and pink.  I really like this combination, and I am guessing people on the street liked it too as I received lots of friendly smiles 🙂 😉 😉

Let me know in comments what you think of the look. Do you see yourself wearing such bright outfit?  If so, remember that if you buy a good quality knitwear you won’t get cold and you won’t need an extra jacket, I gave you some ideas in the bottom of the post.

Enjoy your weekend guys… 😘😘

Lots of love ❤️ Basia xx




  • ZARA  jumper (similar hereherehere), trousers (similar hereherehere)
  • ALDO  shoes (similar herehere)
  • ALEXANDER McQUEEN sunglasses
  • vintage – earrings

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