Hi guys,

So couple of days ago I posted a picture on my Instagram wearing a River Island‘s t-shirt which says “#labels are for clothes“. Some of you asked me where I got it from…so the link as always is in the bottom of the post.

River Island collaborated with any-bulling charity organisation Ditch the Label and designed range of t-shirts and jumpers with the positive message.  The reason behind this campaign is to bring people together, ditch stereotypes and focus on labelling just clothes, not people.  Β£3 goes directly to DTL for every sale, plus an extra Β£1 for every #labelsareforclothes  used on social platforms.

So scroll down πŸ‘‡ and get yourself one :)) and don’t forget to use the #labelsareforclothes  πŸ˜‰

Lots of Love ❀️ Basia xx





Click  πŸ‘‰  HERE πŸ‘ˆ to shop !! 

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