So here we are. 1st of October. 10th day of autumn already. Wow, how fast summer just passed by… and although I am already missing sunny, hot summer, I am also excited for autumn. Shorter, cooler days mean I can spend more time indoors, with a hot cup of tea (yes, I do prefer cup of tea than hot chocolate with marshmallows), good book, while listening to the rain drops. I kinda find the sound of rain drops soothing and comforting. Autumn has its own beauty, I admire the colours, cooling temperatures and falling leaves. But before you get fully cozy at home, with your favourite cuppa, make sure you pick up few items that will warm up your home and make you feel snuggly.

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Here are some ideas how to warm up the atmosphere at your home this autumn -and you won’t need a fireplace-

🍁🍂 the easiest and most affordable way to change your space order to reflect a cosier atmosphere is to get few candles and place them in different places of each room. There’s nothing as comforting as the flame on a crisp fall day. Choose candles that are woody and spicy, with rich scents , like cedarwood, cinnamon, cloves, oranges, tonka beans or black lily. You can also place small pumpkins and pinecones in a wooden basket or pomegranate branches in a vase.

Our picks:

CANDLES: pomegranate £28.00; cinnamon spice £12.99; cinnamon sticks £20.00; orange & cedar wood £19.90; spiced pumpkin £22.95; spiced apple £16.79; Oud & Bergamot £58.00

🍁🍂 autumn is the best time to bring new textures and colours to your home. Simply swap out your current linen pillows for textural fabrics, such as, mohair, velvet, soft cashmere, faux fur, and wool. Warm colours, like olive green, mustard yellow, umber, rust red, or purple will create an ultimate coziness in your home. You can also add extra throws around the house, which will warm you up and your home, literally and figuratively.

Our picks:

PILLOWS: red knitted cushion £32.00; pumpkin velvet £6.95; fig cotton velvet £25.00; faux fur set of 3 cushions £49.50; set of 2 mustard velvet £50.00; yellow cushion cover £3.50; velvet orange £17.99

THROWS: ochre & white check £19.99; faux fur £35.00; luxury cream faux fur £92.00; brown faux fur £60.00; olive green £40.00; yellow & grey £15.00; chunky knitted £49.00

🍁🍂 naturally, as the days become shorter, we want to retreat inside, wear sweats, and enjoy comforting drinks. To feel extra cozy indoors upgrade your loungewear by adding pieces made with luxuries materials, like silk, velvet or cashmere in warm autumn shades.

Our picks:

ROBES: velvet robe £280; cotton robe £55.00; maxi strapped robe £28.00; brown floral kimono £32.00

PYJAMA SETS: satin navy blue £28.00; personalised long sleeve set £53.00; black floral long sleeves set £99.00; black satin style set £44.00; cotton checked £12.00; red check £34.95

SLIPPERS: camel faux fur £35.00; boot slippers £14.00; linen slippers £17.99; faux fur boot slippers £28.00

5 thoughts on “ Fall is in the air ”

  1. Yup…..”cozy” is definitely the feel I’m going for! The sun just appeared with a backdrop of brilliant blue October sky..most welcome. Luv that multi colored robe and candles (pine and spiced apple) are my go-to, also. Gorgeous opening photo!!!! Hugs……Doreen

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