So it’s that wonderful time of the year again…Christmas is just around the corner. This means it’s time to start thinking of Christmas gifts… but how about surprising your loved ones with thoughtful gifts over this festive season?. Let’s be honest, anyone can purchase a present from a store. Pair of socks, jumper, perfume, handbag…. but nothing can ever beat a homemade gift. Gift that came straight from your heart. Gift that have a meaning, a story behind or just simply your effort put into it.

Surely, DIY presents take time and energy but they always somehow seem to mean a little bit more to the receiver and the giver. They are crafted with love, personalised and one of a kind. There is no doubt you will have tons of fun making them and you will make the receiver feel loved and special. Here you will find 7 simple DIY gift ideas that you can surprise your family and friends with. And don’t worry about your crafting skills. These DIY presents are extremely easy to make. As long as you have some patience and creativity you will pull off these gifts with no sweat.

1. Personalised Memory Card Game

We all know how fun is the memory card game, but this time instead of playing the game with random images on the cards, why not having it with our favourite photos. Simply print out in your local photography store two copies of each chosen picture. Make sure you choose correct size, preferably square. Then using water-based glue, stick the pictures on art boards (more art boards here, here). Let it dry for about two hours, then put the cards in a cute little box, or a toy like the one on a picture.

If your art boards are too big, cut them with a razor-sharp blade, after allowing two hour dry period. Also to keep the cards from sticking together once finished, lightly wipe all sides of the cards with baby powder and a cloth.

2. Sweet & Spicy Coated Nuts

Nuts have been a part of Christmas traditions for a really long time, so why not making this candied, crunchy gift? The simple recipe for Sweet & Spicy Coated Nuts contain cashews, pecans and almonds. Guaranteed this cute little jar will be a perfect present for any nut lover. So grab a bag of nuts and get cracking with making it.!

3. Hot Chocolate Mug Mixer

These snowman mug treats take only 15 minutes to make. Swirl these winter-appropriate mini spoons in your hot chocolate while enjoying a get together with close friends.

To surprise your pal with this sweet treats you really don’t need much. All you need is candy cane spoon, chocolate, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and pretzel sticks. Head over to Woman’s Day to follow the simple 15 minute recipe.

4. Jewellery Bookmarks

All you will need for this project are:

To assembly your bookmarks, simply cut about 20cm length of velvet ribbon, then using pliers attach the ribbon clamps on both ends of the ribbon. Next attach the jump rings to the clamps and finish with attaching jewellery charms.

This simple & inexpensive gift will go well with a book or on its own.

5. Sweater Cushions

All you need is a pillow (buy it here, if you don’t have spare one), unused sweater and roughly 30 minutes of your time to make one sweater pillow cover. Just follow the detailed step-by-step tutorial to make this perfect gift.

Bonus: don’t know what to do with the unused sweater sleeves? Use them for your next project to make cute, little sweater vase covers.

6. Family Photo X-mas Tree Ornaments

You can find dozens of DIY ornaments tutorials on the internet. But guaranteed that this specific one will soon be your favourite. These ornaments are crafted from your personal photos. What a great way to remember special moments and loved ones during the festive period.! On a more sentimental note, these are perfect heirlooms to pass down to each generation.

Simply download the e-book for just $8.00 to get The Heirloom Ornaments tutorial, complete with photos, written instructions, and the materials list.

7. DIY Bubble Bath Gift Box

How about treating your loved one to a relaxing home-day spa. Nothing can beat a little time of self-care during festive quiet nights.

This gift box is super easy to assembly.

Simply fill it with crinkle cut paper shred, then put together couple of colourful bath bombs, bath oil, body moisturiser, bath salt, well-scented candle, bar of favourite chocolate, mini bottle of prosecco. And voilà !

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