Layer, layers, layers… so important at this time of the year, especially if you live in a chilly country 🙂 I decided to invest (again) in the top winter layer… t h e c o a t !! It’s nice to have a selection of coats you can choose from in the autumn/ winter season. The more the better 😜 This time however, I went for something bold and vivid. Long, bright, yellow puffer jacket with silver lining 💛🤍 I am now officially a walking sunshine in London 💛☀️

If you are liking what you see and want to join the y e l l o w club 💛 just scroll down to find my selection of stylish yellow coats.

However, if you’re looking for something more classic, I’ve got you covered too. Here we have a selection of 41 stylish coats/jackets you can choose from. Anything from puffer jackets to leather biker jackets and faux fur coats. So, if you want to invest in the perfect ‘buy now, wear forever’ coat, or are just on the hunt for a trench that you can also wear in spring, just scroll down to see my fashion picks.

Love, Basia 💛

My Picks: 41 Stylish Coats / Jackets

13 thoughts on “ stylish coats you can buy this season ”

  1. You definitely are a walking ray of sunshine Basia! I love the yellow on youin this puffer jacket. It looks so cosy on you also. Goes great with the cute boots. Thanks for sharing , I think the Queen would be impressed! Happy Monday, Terri xo.

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